Thursday, October 13, 2011

Art show at 5plus

Photograph by Richard Kelly

I recently got the opportunity to exhibit some of my works in the Manchester based 5-plus architects building. They had seen my work at my university degree show, and got in touch to invite me to submit some paintings. I was so happy to be asked, it means a lot, I guess to any artist to be asked to be part of a show. Above is a picture of my art in the show.

Having your work in an exhibition is always a great experience. Firstly because somebody has decided it is good enough to be part of the show & secondly, because if you create artwork you want people to be able to see it. I think the first is more important though, there can be months in between shows and you really start to think, I hope what i'm doing matters. Is it too old fashioned? Or just not cool in the art world?
So it's reassuring. I can't really think of a negative from being in shows; except maybe people not knowing how to handle the canvas and them possibly getting damaged but as an artist you have to take these risks and accept that these things can happen.
One of my paintings got badly damaged at university, it had to be repaired as the canvas was torn. This was done by applying rabbit skin glue to the back and attaching another piece of canvas, almost like a fixative to hold it together. It worked but if you look closely you can still see the damage. Oil paintings are very fragile things, they are like tiny sculptures using the paint to build up an image. Yet these fragile things if loved and admired can last hundreds of years!


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