Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Paintings!

Hi there everyone, I'm sorry I have been neglecting my blog lately. at least I now have lots of work to show you. I have also been creating Youtube videos of my artworks. Here are some examples of my newest pieces...
This one is my latest, and I'm currently working on it. It is a portrait of the singer Lana Del Rey. I really love her music and wanted to paint this as a kind of tribute to her! I'm really enjoying this painting and putting the detail into it. After practicing my drawing techniques I now understand how to make the paintings have more dimension, this particular painting for me shows progression with my art. I think this is a very positive thing! I hope I will continue to get better and better!

above is a picture of my Dr House drawing. I think sometimes it's important to go back to the basics and just carefully draw and image to remind yourself of the detail and shadows. I will post my video links and other artworks in my next posts. Thanks for reading! x Allanah Claire

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