Monday, August 13, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Watercolour

Hi guys!
Today I woke up to a very nice e-mail from a customer saying how happy they were with my Fine art print! It's always so lovely to hear back from people. I'm so glad they liked it. That was a really uplifting start to my day. Today I have been working on a new banner for my Facebook Art page... Here is what I came up with;
:- Visit my Facebook page here *click click* ! I felt like I should create it to make my page look a bit more personal, and also to give more of an insight as to what my art is like. I will probably keep changing the banner as I create new pieces so that it is always up to date with my artworks. I created this one on photoshop, which I am not very good at using but nevertheless; I am happy with how it turned out.
With my portraiture, recently I have been playing about with watercolour paints (see above). They are such a lovely media to use, I love how much detail you can put into artworks with them as they are really versatile. I also really like how you can change the transparencies of a colour with them, you can also make the colours opaque. Very fun!
The paintings above are of Marilyn Monroe and Lana Del Rey. here is a Speed painting video on youtube of me creating the Marilyn Monroe piece...

Thank you for reading :) all the best, Allanah Claire x

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