Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hi everyone :-)

It's June and the weather in England is finally nice and warm! I love the sunshine, it makes me so happy! It also means I can paint for longer too - I was painting until 9:00pm last night. Woohoo! 
So I have some little updates.
I have been working on a painting of one of my friends, Emily.
Here is my progress so far...

It's coming together quite nicely and I'm really enjoying the brightness of it. I can't wait to put all the extra details in and finish off them roses. 
It's quite a small canvas I'm painting this on but surprisingly it has been taking quite a bit of time to paint! Hopefully I will be able to do some more work on it tonight.

I also have some exciting news!!
I tweeted Amy Winehouse's dad Mitch Winehouse on twitter, showing him my painting of Amy and he sent me a message saying that he thinks it's terrific - It made my day. I'm so glad that he likes it! Here is a picture of my painting and the tweet below :-)

Also, in other news I have been trying to make my Youtube channel look a bit nicer - I have changed some of the thumbnails; I will put some examples of these below.

Thank you for reading my blog, all the best,
Allanah Claire

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