Thursday, May 01, 2014

Elsa the Ice Queen Speed Art Video!

Hello there!
I had a slight change of plan this month. I got Frozen for my birthday (Early April) and decided to paint Elsa. I really loved her character in the film and just felt inspired to paint her...
Here is a link to the video...

I have prints of this painting in my Etsy store if you would like to buy one! Here is the link...

 I really enjoyed painting this piece. It was fun and uplifting!
The music in the video is by Joel Sandberg he has a youtube channel and creates some really beautiful music on piano, here is the link to his youtube channel:- *click here* well worth a look!

In other news...

I am still working on my Benedict Cumberbatch video. I just want the video to be interesting and more exciting than my usual ones (I'm trying my best to get better at video editing so hopefully he will be worth the wait!)

I will Include my 2 little sketch studies for now! I hope you like them.

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