Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kill Bill - New Painting - Uma Thurman

Hi there everyone!

I have a little art update for you all; I have just finished creating a painting of Uma Thurman’s character from the movie Kill Bill, ‘The Bride’ a.k.a ‘Black Mamba’ a.k.a ‘Beatrix Kiddo!’ So many names; but I digress…

So, here are some progress photos of my Kill Bill painting, I hope that you like them…

It’s so exciting that a blank canvas can be transformed into anything that you want it to be, it’s limitless. I love painting, it’s so primal, but at the same time so thought-provoking; when I paint I feel like i’m putting together a puzzle and the pigments and shade combinations are my pieces. It’s mentally stimulating but relaxing at the same time. It’s cathartic. 

The start of the painting, very patchy!

Mid stage - starting to come to life :-D

Finished painting.

I feel like my photographs don't really capture the detail of my painting too well so I have included some close up shots too.


I painted this piece for my brother who commissioned the artwork for his new house. It was fun to work on because I love the Kill Bill movies. :-) I enjoyed painting Uma's hair and putting all the details into it. The blurry background was also fun to paint.

Thank you for reading my blog :-)

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