Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Maleficent is here :-D

Hi there everyone,

I have a new painting for you all... It is the beautiful Angelina Jolie as Maleficent - click on the YouTube image below to watch me paint Maleficent! I hope you like it ^_^

I recently went to see the new Maleficent film and I really enjoyed it! It was very heartwarming; I left the cinemas feeling quite uplifted. I won’t give too much away, just incase you haven’t seen it…

I hope that you like my huge Maleficent painting. I really loved creating the background on this piece.
I decided to create a green smoke effect as in the movie Maleficent has special powers that come out as green light and smoke; I really loved how it looked in the film and so I wanted to add my own interpretation of this effect into my art piece. It was very fun to paint - I did it all freehand so I wasn’t sure how it would look but I quite like it!

 I also really enjoyed painting Maleficent's eyes, they look spectacular in the movie, they are really twinkly and have lots of different colours in them. It was quite fun to try to capture the beauty of them by painting.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog, thanks for dropping by.
I have lots more paintings planned so stick around :-D
Take care, best wishes,
Allanah Claire 

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