Thursday, March 21, 2013

Something New!

Hey everyone,

I can't believe how fast this year seems to be going. It's already late March. How did that happen!? Anyway, on the arty side of things I have been busy drawing Brigitte Bardot.
It has been quite a tricky one; Probably due to the scale; it is A2 (42.0 by 59.4 cm) which is a pretty big piece (for a graphite drawing anyway!)
I am enjoying drawing it non the less and as usual I am making a video of me creating the piece. I will hopefully have it finished by next week.
Exciting stuff!

Also...I am hoping to create some more colourful pieces in the not too distant future as I have been focusing on my pencil drawings and techniques for quite some time now and I miss my paints! It'll be great to start some new paintings. I'm very excited about that!

Thank you for reading and take care :-)
best wishes,
Allanah Claire

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